OUR MISSION: To contribute to sustainable honey production via best management practices, we include the following specific education objectives: They include: Objective 1) Educate local beekeepers using our standardized curriculum, 2) Enhance the competitiveness of honey by increasing the number of hobby and commercial beekeepers in the Midwest states of Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Illinois. 3) Increase pollinator expansion in the Midwest through distribution of pollinator seeds.

When you join the MMBP, you gain the following benefits:

  • First Year Calendar book delivered in January of each year – specific State sections written by experienced beekeepers
  • E-News – our electronic newsletter, Buzz in the Hive, provides breaking beekeeping news and hive management tips from experienced beekeepers in our 7 state membership. See what’s going on in your area and around you.
  • Advocacy – At the national level, the organization is fighting for healthy and expanded pollinator habitat, access to quality beekeeping education, and reduced-risk of accidental pesticide drift.
  • Networking – Tap into a Midwest network of beekeeper members who have expertise on an array of beekeeping, conservation, gardening, and related issues. Access this network 24/7 through our online community (login below) and annually at the national convention.
  • Conference Discounts – Members receive discounted hotel rooms and admission to the yearly Honey Convention held in Tennessee. At this conference, members meet and are invited to attend the yearly Board Members conference. We will also have an awards dinner and ceremony for those individuals that achieved a new Masters level by passing their exams and requirements the previous year. In 2019, the conference will be held in Knoxville.

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New Membership Benefit (July 3, 2018):

Beekeeper Class benefits. Because our nonprofit charity is conservation and education based, we will be reimbursing up to 50% of the class fee*  for our members who have enrolled in Midwest Master Beekeeper Courses.
If you wish to be considered for these funds, send an email to with your name, address, and class registration information. You may receive 1 discount per yearSorry, we cannot offer this discount to our student, senior, retired, or lifetime members at this time.
*Reimbursement amount depends on the fee percentage the physical class location is receiving with their negotiated rate. Reimbursements will average between 20-50% of original fee.  Please allow up to 30 days for reimbursement to process as we wait for payment from the location. We cannot offer this discount with our online classes because they are already at a steep discounted rate.



Qualifications of Members- Please read and find what level you qualify for before paying for your membership dues. Email if you have any questions.

FREE! MMBP Cap with every paid membership dues!

Active Membership shall be open upon application to any person who is, or has been, professionally engaged in beekeeping or agriculture, has been endorsed by two (2) local members in good standing, OR has a Baccalaureate degree with major emphasis in agronomy, entomology, weed science, biology, or the equivalent years of beekeeping experience. Active Membership shall provide privileges of  the rights to vote and hold office.

Provisional Membership shall be available to those who are unable to meet all requirements for Active Membership. Provisional members must be actively engaged in beekeeping or agriculture, and have a high school diploma or GED equivalent.  Provisional members shall be given a five (5) year period in which to become eligible for Active Membership. An extension of one (1) or two (2) years may be granted upon written request. Provisional members who fail to attain active status during the allotted time shall forfeit membership in the Association and must wait five (5) years before they can reapply for membership. Provisional members have all membership privileges, but they may not hold local office.

Student Membership shall be open to any college student actively engaged with beekeeping or enrolled in an agronomy, entomology, or biology major through age twenty-six (26) at a fifty percent (50%) reduction in dues. Students age twenty-seven (27) or older may continue to be student members for the duration of study up to four (4) years. Student members have all the privileges of Active Membership except the right to vote or hold office.  Any student member in good standing may attend the annual conference under the supervision of a person who holds active membership.

Honorary Membership may be conferred on any active member by the Association upon the recommendation of the Board. Honorary members enjoy all the privileges of active members.

Associate Membership. Associate membership shall be open upon application to those who are not engaged in beekeeping, farming, agronomy, or commodity, but wish to support the program of the Association.

Life Membership shall be open upon request to those members who have attained the age of eighty (80), and life members have no further obligation to pay local dues. Life members may attend all Association events and maintain voting privileges, although they cannot hold office.

Retired Membership. Retired Membership shall be open upon application to those who have been members of the Association for the ten (10) consecutive years prior to making application and who are no longer beekeeping, farming, or involved in agronomy, with no further obligation to pay local dues. Retired Membership shall become void immediately upon resumption of beekeeping, farming, or other agronomy employment, and dues for the fiscal year in which activity is resumed shall become due and payable. Retired members may attend all Association events and maintain voting privileges, although they cannot hold office.

Senior Membership. Senior Membership shall be open upon request to active teachers sixty-five (65) years of age or older who have been members of the Association for the preceding ten (10) consecutive years at a fifty percent (50%) reduction in dues.

*Please allow 4 weeks for delivery of ball cap.



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